Welcome to Eagles Solicitors


Eagles Solicitors is a law firm based in south London, covering primarily Immigration, litigation, Employment, and Family.

We have extensive experience in all categories of work in these areas of law. We provide a broad legal service covering situations that people encounter in life.

Whenever you encounter trouble at work. Whenever you find yourself needing legal help following, or in preparation of, death. Whether you need quick advice or a detailed assessment of your legal position, you can contact us.

Eagles Solicitors has fostered a unique culture where people matter. The strengths of the firm include constructive, pro-active and cost-effective solutions.


A new approach; our customer charter, our pledge

Building on the groundwork over the last 5 years by Dr. Williams and co, our new target is to be the quality service to recommend in Wimbledon, south-west London and beyond!

  • We are flexible and will work to your total satisfaction
  • We will give a prompt response to your enquiry
  • We commit to ensuring that your deadlines are met
  • We will strive to protect you
  • We are there when you need us
  • Your rights, your interests, are our job

We pledge these because the new team at Eagles Solicitors is approachable, experienced, highly qualified; and building on the tradition at Eagles Solicitors, we aim to provide even more exceptional high-quality legal services. The staff is multilingual- members speak English, French, Hindi, Kashmiri, Mirpuri, Punjabi, Urdu, Hakka and Chinese. The firm is well equipped to provide its clientele with practical, efficient and systematic solutions to their legal queries. Our office is easily accessible and family friendly.

Eagles Solicitors – A new approach, a new team

In January 2015, Mrs. Louisa Nkohkwo took over the practice as a sole practitioner. The practice had been set up to provide an accessible and reasonably priced immigration and private law service for local people and businesses mainly in the Wimbledon area. Prior to joining Eagles Solicitors, Louisa worked for several law firms across London, including VLS Solicitors- a north London based high street firm, which she served for many years, including two years as a partner of the firm. While at VLS, she handled a large portfolio of several cases including crime and immigration with much acclaim from colleagues and clients alike.

Louisa also has extensive experience in various areas of private law, employment, litigation, and family law. She qualified as a solicitor in 2008.

To support the new vision at Eagles Solicitors, she will draw on the expertise of a number of colleagues; especially the following two other qualified solicitors: Mrs. Ismat Din and Ms. Evelyn Reid. As a team, Eagles Solicitors will ensure that all client files are looked after, whether the particular caseworker is on duty or off.


We work to strict professional standards as backed by our qualification and accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.


Eagles Solicitors has fostered a unique culture where people matter. Your rights, your interests are our job. We will fight your corner, we will be there when you need us!


We will serve you unreservedly, yet within the framework laid down by the law and the SRA.


We work to the principles of “Total Quality Management” to ensure that we fully satisfy our clients and all other stakeholders.


We will deliver constructive, pro-active and cost-effective solutions that will satisfy you, your family and friends. For, your recommendation is our scorecard.


In the interest of our staff and clients, we operate an office environment and conduct all our business complying with Health & Safety legislation and advice.