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At Eagles, we recognize that there are many do-it-yourself Wills or internet services offering to make your Will at low cost. We do not try to compete with such services.

Our clients prefer a face to face discussion with a solicitor to discuss their wishes and importantly to get advice on the best arrangement to make to protect the interests of those closest to them. Before giving the advice a profile is taken of your family and financial position. We wish to ensure that your Will is tailor-made to your circumstances. We will advise as well on the probable inheritance tax (IHT) consequences and look at ways of reducing IHT. We will draw on our experience of administering estates not only in drafting your Will but also in putting forward ideas for your approval.

Remember that a Will should be made by a solicitor, a qualified legal executive, or member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers. Many will writing services are supplied by non-qualified individuals who attend a two or three-day training course. Our Wills service benefits from a long experience lasting over 7 years.

Ten Reasons for making a Will

  1. To make provision for your long-term partner who may otherwise receive none of your estate under the rules of intestacy.
  2. To make clear whom you wish to deal with your estate after your death (‘your executor’).
  3. To consider whether the executor should have a legacy to reflect his or her time and trouble?
  4. To discuss with a solicitor whether there any ways of saving inheritance tax.
  5. If one of your children needs or deserves more of your estate than the other(s).
  6. If you are a childless couple with a large estate, and you support certain charities, we can structure your Will to provide for your partner and family and avoid paying any inheritance tax.
  7. To remember people who have been good to you over the years.
  8. In a second marriage case to balance provision between your first and second families.
  9. To appoint guardians for your young children in the event of joint death.
  10. Generally to discuss with a solicitor not only your wishes but also whether there are better or more tax effective ways of making provision, for example lifetime gifts or transfer of property; or by initiating fixed or level term assurance (we can help you with this).

Wills – guideline costs

For simple Wills – £160 and for mutual simple Wills (in mirrored terms) -£250
For more complex Wills, guideline £250 (Mirrored complex Wills-£400)

Lasting Powers of Attorney-Guideline Costs

Preparation of LPA-Property and Affairs (LPA)-£180 (This would include home visit in SW19 1 area).
Registration of LPA – (includes Notice given to up to 3 persons)-£160 plus Court fee of £120 (unless exempted).
Registration of Enduring Power of Attorney- £250 plus £120 Court fee.

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